Nurturing Childhood with Digital Learning in Pre-Schools

Once upon a time mothers were singing songs while feeding children, nowadays it is replaced with rhymes on YouTube, most of the children do not eat until rhymes are played on YouTube. A 3-year-old child is playing with a smartphone rather than toys. Although there are many disadvantages of giving a smartphone to kids, it can also foster their learning concepts and communication. Schools can integrate technology with traditional learning and make the classroom more interesting. A survey conducted by appy store, which is a subscription-based edutainment service for children found out that 68% of the parents are using online platforms to teach new concepts to their children and 17% of them see positive behaviour changes in their kids.

To showcase children’s talent: The best motivation we can give kids is to showcase their artwork on the screen such as coloring, this will make them feel proud and encourage them to do better. Also, parents will get an idea about what their kids are doing at school.

To learn the interactive way: Ask a child to write A to Z for more than once they get bored but ask them to do the matching online for Alphabets, they don’t mind doing it again and again. Children are more attracted to interactive based learning than the traditional learning. Interactive learning will help the students to grasp the content better.

To make children attentive in the class: When narrating a story to children, they might get bored and lose attention. Using a media such a digital signage while narrating a story can help children to pay attention and remember better. Integrating technology into traditional learning will enhance the learning process for children. A study conducted on children proved that the engagement is highest when they can mimic public media characters phrases or words played in the videos and when they can use the touch screen and engage with the characters.

To make announcements and advertise: Most often, announcements written or stuck on bulletin are either ignored or lost. Half the announcements are outdated, irrelevant or forgotten. Digital signage will make it easy to manage the content. The time-sensitive announcements can be given an expiration date so that it does not appear after it gets outdated. Also, announcements need not fight for the real estate space, as every announcement will have its prominence.

Games and language learning: Young children tend to learn better through games or games like activities. In Denmark, children are familiar with English phrases, words and sounds as they are involved in a game like activities to learn the language even before they start school. A recent study concludes that “foreign language teachers believe that there is a larger potential for pupils to learn more from games in their subject compared to teachers of other subjects”.



Interactive Digital Signage – The Next Big Thing

Times square is the best example for digital signage for a long time now. It has the highest concentration of digital signages, though these screens can be seen in small stores now. The next big thing in digital signage is the interactive digital signages. Have you seen the interactive mirrors where people can choose a dress to show them how they look in it?

This video shows how an interactive mirror works, isn’t it fun to use such kind of digital screens while shopping, it’s not only fun for the shoppers to use them but also helpful to the retailers to deploy and use them in the store. Here are few benefits of having an interactive digital signage in store.

Increase in Engagement

People these days are preferring to buy things online because of convenience and price. Technology has become a part of life and this can’t be missed in a retail store frequently visited by customers. Introducing technology to the customers will increase engagement. With interactive digital signages, customers can interact with the brand. Sales associates can’t look after every customer, digital signages can take their place. Also, many customers do not like to be bothered by the sales associates, so, here comes the digital signage into picture. Customers who do not like to be intruded will feel free and excited to use digital signage. Introducing QR codes, ipads, kiosks, barcode scanners and interactive mirrors can lure them into the store. This will increase engagement and brand awareness.

Collecting Consumer Insights

Data is a crucial element in deciding what to advertise? where to advertise? and how to advertise?. Digital signage will make data collection easier and faster. Advertising campaigns are built on the data collected from the customers. This data collected can be used by the retailers in understanding spending and buying habits of customers, brand awareness and loyalty, and consumer behaviour.

Educating and Advertising to the customers

Digital signage is a wonderful technology to inform the customer about the product’s features and benefits. This technology will enable the retailer to educate the customer without bothering them with sales associates. While advertising a product the placement and timely advertisement play a crucial role in attracting the customer. It is a tedious task to do timely advertisements with traditional banner advertising, with digital signage changing the advertisement is just a click away. Digital signages can also help customers in wayfinding in large stores.

Ease of Use

Digital signage is one-time investment which can reap benefits for many years. It is easy to deploy and use this solution. It is very flexible to use and change the content on the screen without any technical person. This makes digital signage the next big thing in advertising.

Digital Branding – A Worthy Investment For SME

Today Branding through Digital Signage, Video walls etc. is micro mounting the product’s marketing and creating a micro moment influence on the customer. These days are intent-rich moments where decisions are made on spot and preferences shaped on minutes. The powerful computers we carry in our pockets have provided quick comparison among brands. They tend immediately delivery of exactly what they looking for and when. The Customers want things right and right away.

It’s up to today’s modern marketer to be ready when these kind of micro-moments occur with the customer’s decision. Rich presenting style, Unique content, right campaigns, reach featured products and right type of engagement that is not only personalised, but also context-specific to that consumer’s need is what a digital signage delivers. A Digital signage serves as a new driver of brand awareness and customer relationships.

Engage “with” them rather than advertising “at” them:

Customer’s register the products more when they visualise the product than they read or hear. Moreover business learn about their customers, predict their behaviour and create a tailored strategy for buying a product.

People do not care or pay attention to the things that are not important to them. So, making a product as relevant to the people is important here. Making them understand that the product is for you and it helps you in making your life better is most important aspect in today’s advertising.

Transformation to Digital:

Transformation from Print Media to Digital is increasingly becoming popular. It not only serves as an advertising tool, but also as an effective communication tool. This form of advertising media is effective in reaching many people than that of traditional static posters. You will notice the use of Digital Signage in retail stores, hospitals, shopping malls, educational institutions and may other areas. It’s attractive features like flexibility in manipulating content, images and videos provides best Advertising output that is attractive and engages many.

Digital boards can allow huge displays due to the large space they have. You can run your advertisement until a time that suits you, especially if you own the digital signage software and hardware. Technologically advanced digital signage software also allows you to place a large amount of content including messages and videos on them. Only thing you need is to have technology professionals to operate and bare the initial installation cost.

Branding is a Worthy Investment for SMEs

Digital signage is hugely used in promoting new products in the shopping malls, advertising deals outside the premises. There are many digital signage solutions available in the market saying that we are best providers and we are cloud based with extra monitoring and statistical data providers etc. Here are some of the facts that Video Marketing through Digital Signage Boards, Video Walls, Digital Bill Boards etc impacts on Costumer’s decision in buying the product.

  1. Customers get engaged with the presentation not just glance.

When a customer just walks through a shopping mall and when come across a video presenting about a product,they wait and watch.

  1. Customers drive in to buy impassively..

Customers when finds something interesting and a helpful product,they just welkin to the shop on spot.

  1. People remember the venue and products when they see.

People remember more when they see.If not now but next visit they can easily identify the shop and product they want to buy.And recommends accordingly to orders as Digital Signage is easy to find out.

  1. They motivate customers to buy.

Customer gets inspired to buy the product as it displays features and how helpful it is for them.

5.Decrease Waiting time to get the product.Makes customer happy.

Today time is most valuable.In this busy world,no one wants a single minute to waste.So,people reach the Venue/shop and gets their product immediately.Online shopping platforms decreased their delivery time.Many provide an order tracking system.

These signage,Video walls allows you to order from anywhere and anytime.Interactive digital signage’s are more advanced that the customer can directly interact with the shop and order the item on spot. By the time the customer reaches the shop,his item is readily packed.

  1. Business can be monitored and they can pop up with unexpected places

Business Owners can monitor the e sales,third party agencies,presentations on the products.They can control the content from displaying.They can spread emergency alerts, show weather information,Sports score,News etc without disturbing the actual presentation.Live casting is the another best feature providing by Digital Signage Networking.

  1. Promotes Brand.

Brand awareness is increased drastically.People take pictures,videos standing beside the Signage boards and post it on networking sights,thereby Brand advertising across the world increases.

5 Terrific Ideas To Increase Gym Memberships With Digital Signage

With gyms cropping up in every corner of the street, competition has become really high and with gym memberships increasing day by day, it’s time to grab the fitness enthusiasts, motivate and retain them. Technology has come to rescue to deal with cut-throat competition. Apart from trainers and equipment, gym goers are looking for value added services which can be fulfilled with technology such as digital signage to motivate, engage and entertain them.

Communication: Communicating with the gym members is the best way to retain them for long periods. Although face to face communication is the best, it is not possible all the time. This gap can be filled with digital signage.

Displaying birthday wishes, important announcements and achievements is one way to maintain personal relationships with the members. Digital signage also helps in announcing important news such as new equipment, training sessions, and other related gym news.

The print version can also be used but signage is more attractive than banners and flyers. Customer feedback is important in improving any business which also includes a gym. Use signages to know what your members think about your equipment, trainers, and service and give a clear call to action for them to respond to your questions. An interactive signage can help in getting instant feedback.

Socialisation: Socialising these days is more common on social media than in a restaurant, park, home or any other place where people meet. This can be taken as advantage by the gym owners. People go to the gym either to lose weight or look good, this can be posted on the social media which will attract the member and can also be shared by them.

Digital Signages can display social feeds such as photos, videos, posts from Twitter,Facebook and other social media channels.

Motivation: The best way to motivate your members is to show them the results and the best way to show the results is to use digital signage. Images such as before and after weight loss or before and after toned body will motivate the members to workout and be regular to the gym. This not only encourages the members but also the visitors.

Fitness motivational quotes on Signages clearly motivates the gym members to continue being a subscriber and request more services from the gym trainers.

Promotions: People going to the gym regularly are health conscious and will be interested in products which improve their health and keep them fit.

Gym owners can raise their income by advertising health and fitness related products across the gym can attract potential customers to buy the product.

The timing of the promotions can also be set according to the peak times of the gym so that it can reach a maximum number of people. The benefits of using digital signage for promotion and advertising is the content can be updated instantly with minimum effort.

Entertainment: A lot of gyms and fitness venues broadcast TV or play music to keep the gym members entertained. The other way to entertain and engage customers is to play a virtual class, display class timetables to encourage members of the gym to participate in group workouts, & short video demonstrations.

4 Reasons Why Broadcasters Should Opt for Geo-Targeted Advertising Solution

Have you ever wondered while watching an international cricket match, how the advertisements played in India are different from Australia in the same channel? it is called geo-targeted advertising. This was not possible till some time ago, now with geo-targeted advertising solutions, advertisers are able to air different ads on the same channel in a different region to maximize the reach and reduce the cost. Here are a few benefits of geo-targeted advertising for both advertiser and broadcaster.

Localized Advertising: TV advertisements are usually not localized but translated according to the country and language. Sometimes even the translated advertisements will not attract the viewers because of cultural difference between 2 countries or regions and the message might  backfire. Here is an example of advertising by McDonald’s in two different countries.



In these advertisements by McDonald’s we can see that the advertisement made for Ireland is completely different from the ad made for India. If the ad made for Ireland is aired in India, there would no conversions because most of the people in India do not eat beef. If the ad made for India is played in Ireland it would not convert the viewers into customers because most of the Irish people prefer to eat meat rather than potato.

Increase in Conversions: With the help of geo-targeted advertising in television, the channels will be able to target audience with the right advertisement at the right time. A summer drink advertisement played in the same channel across all the countries would not convert as many viewers as a localized ad could convert because summer in India will be spring in Europe.  In this case, geo-targeted advertising will help the advertiser and the broadcaster to increase conversions and revenue.

Integrate social media feeds and third party applications: Social media is trending in every business these days, be it a stock broking company or a small boutique. So, why not on television? Many solutions that provide geo targeted advertising have the feature of integrating social media feeds on the channel. This will help the broadcaster to connect with the audience as they can scroll the trending posts related to the program being played on the channel. Also, the audience will not miss the social media while watching television.

Increased Return on Investment: Geo-targeted advertising will enable the advertisers to air related advertisements to the related locations which will help them to increase their return on investment. By airing relevant advertisements the advertiser will not waste money on playing them to irrelevant viewers and the broadcaster can also increase their advertiser base as more regional businesses would show interest to advertise because of low cost and reach to the target audience. Geo-targeted advertising solutions also provide viewer analytics, this will help the advertiser and broadcaster to analyze and air the ads accordingly.