Have you ever wondered while watching an international cricket match, how the advertisements played in India are different from Australia in the same channel? it is called geo-targeted advertising. This was not possible till some time ago, now with geo-targeted advertising solutions, advertisers are able to air different ads on the same channel in a different region to maximize the reach and reduce the cost. Here are a few benefits of geo-targeted advertising for both advertiser and broadcaster.

Localized Advertising: TV advertisements are usually not localized but translated according to the country and language. Sometimes even the translated advertisements will not attract the viewers because of cultural difference between 2 countries or regions and the message might  backfire. Here is an example of advertising by McDonald’s in two different countries.





In these advertisements by McDonald’s we can see that the advertisement made for Ireland is completely different from the ad made for India. If the ad made for Ireland is aired in India, there would no conversions because most of the people in India do not eat beef. If the ad made for India is played in Ireland it would not convert the viewers into customers because most of the Irish people prefer to eat meat rather than potato.

Increase in Conversions: With the help of geo-targeted advertising in television, the channels will be able to target audience with the right advertisement at the right time. A summer drink advertisement played in the same channel across all the countries would not convert as many viewers as a localized ad could convert because summer in India will be spring in Europe.  In this case, geo-targeted advertising will help the advertiser and the broadcaster to increase conversions and revenue.

Integrate social media feeds and third party applications: Social media is trending in every business these days, be it a stock broking company or a small boutique. So, why not on television? Many solutions that provide geo targeted advertising have the feature of integrating social media feeds on the channel. This will help the broadcaster to connect with the audience as they can scroll the trending posts related to the program being played on the channel. Also, the audience will not miss the social media while watching television.

Increased Return on Investment: Geo-targeted advertising will enable the advertisers to air related advertisements to the related locations which will help them to increase their return on investment. By airing relevant advertisements the advertiser will not waste money on playing them to irrelevant viewers and the broadcaster can also increase their advertiser base as more regional businesses would show interest to advertise because of low cost and reach to the target audience. Geo-targeted advertising solutions also provide viewer analytics, this will help the advertiser and broadcaster to analyze and air the ads accordingly.


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