With gyms cropping up in every corner of the street, competition has become really high and with gym memberships increasing day by day, it’s time to grab the fitness enthusiasts, motivate and retain them. Technology has come to rescue to deal with cut-throat competition. Apart from trainers and equipment, gym goers are looking for value added services which can be fulfilled with technology such as digital signage to motivate, engage and entertain them.

Communication: Communicating with the gym members is the best way to retain them for long periods. Although face to face communication is the best, it is not possible all the time. This gap can be filled with digital signage.

Displaying birthday wishes, important announcements and achievements is one way to maintain personal relationships with the members. Digital signage also helps in announcing important news such as new equipment, training sessions, and other related gym news.

The print version can also be used but signage is more attractive than banners and flyers. Customer feedback is important in improving any business which also includes a gym. Use signages to know what your members think about your equipment, trainers, and service and give a clear call to action for them to respond to your questions. An interactive signage can help in getting instant feedback.

Socialisation: Socialising these days is more common on social media than in a restaurant, park, home or any other place where people meet. This can be taken as advantage by the gym owners. People go to the gym either to lose weight or look good, this can be posted on the social media which will attract the member and can also be shared by them.

Digital Signages can display social feeds such as photos, videos, posts from Twitter,Facebook and other social media channels.

Motivation: The best way to motivate your members is to show them the results and the best way to show the results is to use digital signage. Images such as before and after weight loss or before and after toned body will motivate the members to workout and be regular to the gym. This not only encourages the members but also the visitors.

Fitness motivational quotes on Signages clearly motivates the gym members to continue being a subscriber and request more services from the gym trainers.

Promotions: People going to the gym regularly are health conscious and will be interested in products which improve their health and keep them fit.

Gym owners can raise their income by advertising health and fitness related products across the gym can attract potential customers to buy the product.

The timing of the promotions can also be set according to the peak times of the gym so that it can reach a maximum number of people. The benefits of using digital signage for promotion and advertising is the content can be updated instantly with minimum effort.

Entertainment: A lot of gyms and fitness venues broadcast TV or play music to keep the gym members entertained. The other way to entertain and engage customers is to play a virtual class, display class timetables to encourage members of the gym to participate in group workouts, & short video demonstrations.


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