Times square is the best example for digital signage for a long time now. It has the highest concentration of digital signages, though these screens can be seen in small stores now. The next big thing in digital signage is the interactive digital signages. Have you seen the interactive mirrors where people can choose a dress to show them how they look in it?


This video shows how an interactive mirror works, isn’t it fun to use such kind of digital screens while shopping, it’s not only fun for the shoppers to use them but also helpful to the retailers to deploy and use them in the store. Here are few benefits of having an interactive digital signage in store.

Increase in Engagement

People these days are preferring to buy things online because of convenience and price. Technology has become a part of life and this can’t be missed in a retail store frequently visited by customers. Introducing technology to the customers will increase engagement. With interactive digital signages, customers can interact with the brand. Sales associates can’t look after every customer, digital signages can take their place. Also, many customers do not like to be bothered by the sales associates, so, here comes the digital signage into picture. Customers who do not like to be intruded will feel free and excited to use digital signage. Introducing QR codes, ipads, kiosks, barcode scanners and interactive mirrors can lure them into the store. This will increase engagement and brand awareness.

Collecting Consumer Insights

Data is a crucial element in deciding what to advertise? where to advertise? and how to advertise?. Digital signage will make data collection easier and faster. Advertising campaigns are built on the data collected from the customers. This data collected can be used by the retailers in understanding spending and buying habits of customers, brand awareness and loyalty, and consumer behaviour.

Educating and Advertising to the customers

Digital signage is a wonderful technology to inform the customer about the product’s features and benefits. This technology will enable the retailer to educate the customer without bothering them with sales associates. While advertising a product the placement and timely advertisement play a crucial role in attracting the customer. It is a tedious task to do timely advertisements with traditional banner advertising, with digital signage changing the advertisement is just a click away. Digital signages can also help customers in wayfinding in large stores.

Ease of Use

Digital signage is one-time investment which can reap benefits for many years. It is easy to deploy and use this solution. It is very flexible to use and change the content on the screen without any technical person. This makes digital signage the next big thing in advertising.


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