Once upon a time mothers were singing songs while feeding children, nowadays it is replaced with rhymes on YouTube, most of the children do not eat until rhymes are played on YouTube. A 3-year-old child is playing with a smartphone rather than toys. Although there are many disadvantages of giving a smartphone to kids, it can also foster their learning concepts and communication. Schools can integrate technology with traditional learning and make the classroom more interesting. A survey conducted by appy store, which is a subscription-based edutainment service for children found out that 68% of the parents are using online platforms to teach new concepts to their children and 17% of them see positive behaviour changes in their kids.

To showcase children’s talent: The best motivation we can give kids is to showcase their artwork on the screen such as coloring, this will make them feel proud and encourage them to do better. Also, parents will get an idea about what their kids are doing at school.

To learn the interactive way: Ask a child to write A to Z for more than once they get bored but ask them to do the matching online for Alphabets, they don’t mind doing it again and again. Children are more attracted to interactive based learning than the traditional learning. Interactive learning will help the students to grasp the content better.

To make children attentive in the class: When narrating a story to children, they might get bored and lose attention. Using a media such a digital signage while narrating a story can help children to pay attention and remember better. Integrating technology into traditional learning will enhance the learning process for children. A study conducted on children proved that the engagement is highest when they can mimic public media characters phrases or words played in the videos and when they can use the touch screen and engage with the characters.

To make announcements and advertise: Most often, announcements written or stuck on bulletin are either ignored or lost. Half the announcements are outdated, irrelevant or forgotten. Digital signage will make it easy to manage the content. The time-sensitive announcements can be given an expiration date so that it does not appear after it gets outdated. Also, announcements need not fight for the real estate space, as every announcement will have its prominence.

Games and language learning: Young children tend to learn better through games or games like activities. In Denmark, children are familiar with English phrases, words and sounds as they are involved in a game like activities to learn the language even before they start school. A recent study concludes that “foreign language teachers believe that there is a larger potential for pupils to learn more from games in their subject compared to teachers of other subjects”.



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